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Things I knew, but took forever to ‘get’

The following things are concepts that, in reading them, are so blatantly obvious, but you have to fuck things up a lot to be able to actually ‘get’ them and change.

Ironically, this post is essentially of no value, because of the above.

  1. No matter how amazing your clarity of something is, no one really cares
  2. No matter how correct you may be, you can never tell anybody “You’re fucking up and here’s why”. It never works. People have to learn for themselves.
  3. You’ll never notice your own fucked up situation, until you end up having to discuss the exact same thing with a friend and say the exact things to them that they just told you about your own situation.
  4. Verbosity is always bad. Brevity is key.
  5. Observe, learn, research things but keep what you find to yourself1)This is the hardest one for me
  6. You are in the situation you’re in by choice. If you can’t see that, you need to learn to be more self-aware
  7. Similarly, people who go through something traumatic, will usually attempt to throw themselves into a bad situation. They will recognize and leave it when they are ready, and there is no way to ‘speed it up’ and never will be.
  8. Be sure you say what you mean. Stop and check your true motivations. In fact, just because you have to stop and check that, just stop whatever it was you were planning.
  9. Punishing yourself by forcing yourself into a bad and stupid situation serves absolutely no purpose. It never has, and it never will. You’ll be free from the thing that forced you into this, but it didn’t go away, and when it comes back it will be worse
  10. If you make a sacrifice, and it’s not asked for, nor even known, then why did you do it?

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1. This is the hardest one for me